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The Native Silver Son 

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Unique and Elegant Handcrafted Authentic Native American Jewelry
Tim Yazzie,
The Native Silver Son 
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Thank you for visiting my website!  First & foremost I designed my Website to be user friendly and easy to use.  My wife and I are happy to share my work with you! 

I emphasize "ONE of a Kind" when I sell a piece of my work.  No one else will have the same piece I design for you!  I don't make replica's, that's what makes my work Unique.  I draw all of  my designs free-hand on silver, I allow the silver and stones to guide my creative process and develop the ideas that I see in my mind.  

When you visit my Gallery the pieces you see are sold- they are examples of my work.  BUT hold on... I can make and design a piece the way you want! You are my customer, it is my job as an artist to create for you.  If you see a certain design, bracelet,  pair of earrings, Bola tie, or a ring contact me,  its my honor to design one for you & work with you during the process. I work with the BEST material: Sterling Silver & I select the best stones for your piece.  I have various Turquoise, Mediterranean Red Coral, Black Jet, Serpentine, orange and purple Spiny Oyster.  My Hallmark (signature) is always included on my work.  

You can place your order via email, phone or in person. Just click on the Contact Tab send me your inquiry of the piece (s) you like. 

I have The Native Silver Son Facebook Page that is linked to my website also.  I will give you an estimated time when you will receive your piece. Payment for your piece: Send me your email address an invoice will be sent to you. We use the Square to process your payment.  Easy! Enjoy and absorb the beauty by visiting my website!  


Tim Yazzie

P.S. Stop by and read my biography, I've been handcrafting for a long time allow me work for you!